Walkstool Size Guide

Please note the number of the Walkstool Model refers to the height of the Walkstool when it is extended.

Walkstool Comfort 55 Size Guide Example

Buy Walkstool Comfort 45
Walkstool Comfort 45cm/18in
Buy Walkstool Comfort 55
Walkstool Comfort 55cm/22in
Buy Walkstool Comfort 65
Walkstool Comfort 65cm/26in
Buy Walkstool Comfort 75
Walkstool Comfort 75cm/30in*
Buy Walkstool Basic 50
Walkstool Basic 50cm/20in
Buy Walkstool Basic 60
Walkstool Basic 60cm/24in
Height below 180cm/5ft 9inticktick  tick 
Height above 180cm/5ft 9in ticktick  tick
Height above 183cm/6ft  ticktick tick
Height above 188cm/6ft 2intick
Weight above 150kg/330lbsticktickticktick  
Frequent Usageticktickticktickticktick
Floor Level Workingticktick    

Buying a Walkstool taller than you need is also very good for people with back and/or disc problems since one comes up easily from the higher sitting position.

*Please note: The Walkstool Comfort 75cm/30in is very tall and often users need to be 6ft 2ins tall and above to get the benefit of this stool.