Hatcatcher® Advice

Fitting InstructionsStore in a clean dry place when not in use.If storing your Hatcatcher® keep the clutch attached to the pin to avoid loss.The Hatcatcher® can be cleaned by hand in warm water, and air dried. Do not wash in a washing machine, or dry in a tumble drier, oven or microwave.

Always remove your hat from your head before fitting or removing your Hatcatcher®. When attaching your Hatcatcher®, push the pin through wall of the hat, not through the hat sweat band as the material will be too thick.Care should be taken not to release the ‘release button’ from clutch pin inadvertently when wearing your hat.

The fitting instructions shown on the reverse of this pack (illustrations 1 -5) are the same for a Hatcatcher® fitted with a braided cord tether, or with a narrow tape tether.


The Hatcatcher® uses small and detachable parts, keep away from babies and children. The Hatcatcher® should always be attached by a responsible adult.

When properly fitted, the Hatcatcher® pin will protrude from the outside of your hat, with the clutch covering the pin as shown in the fitting diagrams. Do not push the Hatcatcher® pin through from the outside of your hat, to the inside of your hat, as the clutch, if it were to come loose, would leave the pin exposed.

Flammable parts, Keep away from naked flames or excessive heat.Care should be taken not to prick your finger when attaching.Fitting the Hatcatcher requires that you push the pin through the wall of your hat, this may leave a small pinhole in your hat.

If this is not acceptable return the Hatcatcher® in its original packaging within 14 days of purchase, with your receipt, to receive a refund. The Hatcatcher is fitted with a safety breaker designed to hold unless excessive force is used or encountered.

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